About I-CSI

Inequality has ballooned, wealth has become more concentrated, and the United States continues to maintain one of the highest poverty rates in the developed world. Inequality ranks among one of the biggest challenges of our time and remains deeply tied to negative trends in American political life.

Introduction to I-CSI

Introducing I-CSI

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I-CSI Launch

Our inaugural convening was Equality Re-Imagined and held nearly fifty years after the nation embarked on one of its most extensive suffrage expansions, the Voting Rights Act; and in a time when many of its key provisions have been delimited; and as black and brown struggle for water in Detroit, personhood in Ferguson, to vote in many precincts, and for a legal status all over the land; I-CSI convened experts to consider the prospects for minority flourishing, inclusion and equality in our nation, in our time.

More on I-CSI

By building expertise on the relationship between inequality and political life, we may better inform policy discussions in our current moment, and future prospects.

What We Do

We seek to spark fresh thinking about policies for restoring historic link between democratic governance and improved well-being.