Initiatives & Ideas

We aim to spark fresh thinking about policies that might restore historic links between democratic governance and improved well-being. We maintain a space for working groups of top scholars across fields to generate ideas and collaborative projects, bring key civic leaders and policymakers to Yale to facilitate discussions around inequality, and encourage new research developments by seeding research conducted by the next generation of scholars.

Working Groups

Research Working Groups on Inequality and American politics (RWGI), comprised of up to two dozen faculty fellows from within and outside Yale, spend the academic year working on specific projects that advance how we measure, understand, and/or intervene in inequality.

Featured Events

I-CSI hosts and co-hosts several events a year in our ongoing effort to bring together academic experts, journalists, organizers, and civic leaders to weigh in on the core questions.

Visiting Fellows

I-CSI hosts prominent, high-profile leaders: government officials, their staff members, advocates, and/or journalists, who come to Yale several times throughout the year and present their initiatives, participant in the intellectual life of the center, meet with center affiliates, lead discussion, and give one or two public lectures.

Research Opportunities

Through Seeds for Inequality (seed grants), I-CSI provides new opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to pursue ambitious research, develop academic courses, and support programming on campus related to inequality.