Frederick Wherry

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Prof Sociology and Inst Soc Pol Studies
493 College St, New Haven, CT 06511-8907

Frederick Wherry is Professor of Sociology, Co-Director of the Center for Cultural Sociology, and Director of Undergraduate Studies. He is currently studying how immigrant and minority households become more equitably integrated into the financial system. How do people lacking bank accounts become banked? What kinds of financial arrangements match well with existing household and community practices? He is beginning his investigations with a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation’s Behavioral Economics Program (with co-PIs Kristen Seefeldt and Anthony Alvarez). In addition, the EU-funded Diaspora Link includes him as a collaborator.

He is co-editing a new book series at Stanford University Press (with Jennifer Lena and Greta Hsu) called Culture and Economic Life. They aim to have the first batch of books on shelves by the Fall of 2016. He is also the incoming Associate Editor of City and Community. He is or has served on a number of editorial boards including American Sociological Review, American Journal of Cultural Sociology, American Journal of Sociology, Journal of Cultural Economics, and Sociological Theory. He represents the American Sociological Association on the Policy Board of The Journal of Consumer Research.