Vida Maralani

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Asst Prof Sociology and Inst Soc Pol Studies
493 College St, New Haven, CT 06511-8907

Dr. Vida Maralani studies social stratification and demography with a focus on education, gender, and health. As an overarching goal, her work shows how social inequality and demography are interrelated, and approaches inequality as a process in motion, rather than a static snapshot. Much of her work examines the role that education plays in organizing social life, in particular how educational attainment is intertwined with other socioeconomic statuses. Maralani studies educational inequality from a demographic perspective, paying particular attention to how it changes across the life course, generations, or birth cohorts, and relates to family processes such as marriage and fertility. For example, her research shows how education shapes women’s lives with regards to family and work, and the implications of women’s educational gains for educational inequality in future generations. She has also worked extensively on understanding socioeconomic disparities in health, especially the relationship between education and smoking.