Launched in February 2015 amidst the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, the ISPS Center for the Study of Inequality (I-CSI) seeks to promote high-quality, multi-disciplinary research on the relationship between economic inequality and American political life. I-CSI moves politics from the periphery to the forefront in debates over the rise and consequences of inequality. I-CSI specifically focuses on understanding the role of political mechanisms in inequality’s rise over the past several decades and keys into the consequences for citizens in terms of their political influence, coalitions, and identity. By building expertise in the relationship between inequality and political life, we may better inform policy discussions in our current moment and in the future.

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Introducing I-CSI


I-CSI connects faculty and experts within Yale and beyond to advance how we measure, understand, and intervene in inequality.

Initiatives & Ideas

Meeting several times during the year, I-CSI brings together scholars to focus on one thematic module. At the first meeting, each fellow circulates their three-page “Ideas Brief.”

Featured Events

I-CSI hosts and co-hosts several events a year in our ongoing effort to assemble academic experts, journalists, organizers, and civic leaders to weigh in on core questions surrounding the political dimensions of inequality.